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cant recover files from backup

Level 2

I have been trying to recover image file, but keep getting the error message "Error: E7D1000B: Unable to make directory" followed by the "Error: 0000000D Data is Invalid"

Is there a way to remedy this?



Have you turned on verification in the backup job? Looks like the the backup could be corrupt.

Thanks for the reply.   I played around with various recovery options and files or folders, rcovering them to the same directory or a new directory.   By chance I recovered a file to the C: directory and it worked.    I deduced that the problem was I didn't have authority to create new folders.    My id has administrator properties but I suspect the recovery program doesn't.     I went into security on my PC and granted additional rights for the "basic"  id and  the restores all went OK.

I am using encryption on  the backup as per Veritas recommendations so I have to put in a password to see the recovery files. I don't know where in the Recovery software I can grant access for restoring files.    I am the only user on my PC so opening up security is sufficient for the moment.