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dat-journal file

When I started doing some testing with system recovery, I noticed that it created a .dat-journal file.

For whatever reason, now that I have started implementing this on more systems, I am not seeing the .dat-journal files in the folders where the back-ups are sent to.

My question is, what is the purpose of the .dat-journal file?

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Do you mean the

Do you mean the RPAM_Store.datfile ?Afaik it is a SQLite database which stores the backups that are on the backup target.

Nope. I see the


I see the RPAM_Store.dat file along with the v2i and sv2i files now. But when I first started testing with this about a year ago, I had seen there was a dat-journal file created as well. I mainly ask about this because I had to document this when I rolled it out. Since I don't see it anymore, I'm just trying to figure out what the signifigance of this was and if there was an update pushed out by symantec without me knowing that got rid of it, etc.

ok, i've never seen this

ok, i've never seen this other file for volume backups. Could i originate from a file and folder backup ?

I've attached a screenshot of

I've attached a screenshot of what I saw in the folder where the back-up went to, if this helps any.

I was performing a back-up with a recovery set point vs. the independent.

I set that in the policy, applied to the organizational view that the PC resided in, set the task for the policy and created a client task schedule. Then set the client task schedule to perform the back-up. I had basically set it up in the policy for a yearly set point and the client task schedule to run monthly.

I had tried setting this same thing up again this week on a new server, and I did not see that dat-journal file.

Its no huge deal, nothing that I'll call tech support for, but it made me scratch my head a little wondering if I missed something when I set up the new server and configured everything.

Please let me know the

Please let me know the outcome of the call !

Any results from the call ?

Any results from the call ?