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document ID 2006020809453660

Level 3

On page 51 of the Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0 User's Guide is the following:

For more information about getting Restore Anyware drivers, go to the Symantec Knowledge Base at the following URL.
See document ID 2006020809453660 in the Symantec Knowledge Base.

A search of the knowledge base for 2006020809453660 finds absolutely nothing!
Is anyone in charge at Symantec?

Cheers, Anthony Murfet


Level 6
Hello Anthony,
The Document in question in a transition to our new Knowledge Base Document site.  I will get this document prioritized for quicker publication.
For your convenience, I have pasted the important parts of the document below:

Prompted for VEN ID string while restoring a recovery point in the Symantec Recovery Environment using the Restore AnyWare Option

The error message is prompting for a driver for the mass storage controller on the destination computer.

The VEN string will appear in the following format.

<Device type>\VEN_<Vendor ID>DEV_<Device ID><Version number>

A list of PCI Vendors by Vendor ID is available from

Example :


PCI       Indicates the device is PCI.

1095     The vendor ID of this particular device.

0680     The device ID of the controller. 

SUBSYS-06801095REV_02        The version information.  Usually, this information will not be required.


Once the vendor and device have been identified, obtain the necessary driver from the manufacturer.