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does SR 2013 R2 support recovery to different hardware for windows 2003?

hi there,

in summary, my only question is this:

   does "symantec system recovery 2013 r2" support the recovery to different hardware for windows 2003 r2 machines?

please read the details to understand why i'm asking. thank you!


i'm completely new to "system recovery 2013 r2", and i'm attempting to evaluate its use in restoring windows servers to different hardware. my first test case is using windows 2003 r2.


i spoke yesterday with a sales engineer, and he said i would need to install the server version of sr 2013 r2 on the source machine, and then create the sr boot disk. i went to install sr, and got the following warning:


"This system does not meet the requirements to install the Symantec System Recovery Disk creation utility. The recovery disk creation utility feature is supported on Windows 2008 (and later) and Windows 7 (and later).

Note: Symantec does not ship the recovery disk with System Recorery 2013 R2 and hence includes a utility in the installer to create a recovery environment."


the sales documentation and the compatibilty list on the symantec website specifically lists windows 2003 r2 as supported, and the engineer i spoke with yesterday also said that it would work. so i went to look for the downloadable .iso instead, but i found a tech article ( that specifically states that downloadable iso's are no longer provided.


any guidance would be appreciated.





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Yes, this is supported.

Yes, this is supported. Please see:

It's correct that we no longer provide a downloadable ISO for the recovery disk - this is due to the licensing changes that Microsoft have enforced for WinPE.

Hope this helps.


hi there, thank you for your

hi there,


thank you for your reply, but it only reiterates what i said in my post.


if symantec can no longer ship the .iso, and the replacement for the .iso is the Symantec System Recovery Disk creation utility, but the Symantec System Recovery Disk creation utility cannot run on windows 2003, how do you get the .iso?





I'm afraid the only solution

I'm afraid the only solution is to create the SRD on a later version of Windows which can then be used for restores on Windows 2003. The following should help: