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firewall ports for VSR-MS AND SSR-MS

Level 4

ok so first is first.. I found a thread that was for SSR ports but that howto that is referenced is gone.


so what ports are needed for machines where they reside inside of a firewall and the storage location is not?

I need this for SSR for now as we have an IMMEDIATE need; however, 2020 will be VSR so need to make sure the ports are the same.

We are using

Altiris CMS 7.6 (going 8.5 soon) and SSR 2013 R2 SP6 (going VSR 18 SP4).

I know that Altiris will deliver the policy if certain ports are open, and they are as the machine is able to get vsr plugins and vsr software delivered from Altiris. Trying to see if SSR utilizes the Altiris ports or if it utilizes others.