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how can i restore deleted recovery points


i uses SSR 2013 R2 for backups, i've had a few vesions of backups from a specific job and last night i've made changes to that job.

this morning i discovered that all my history versions were deleted (saw it in the log) !!!

is there a way to bring them back ? there's no space limits in the drive...

please advise


Roy F.

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Re: how can i restore deleted recovery points

What do you mean by history versions ?

If the recovery point files (v2i/iv2i) have been deleted from the file system, there is no way to recover them (unless you used offsite copy to another location).

Re: how can i restore deleted recovery points

hi chris,

the log shows history versions that were deleted...i've attached a pic.

i did used offsite once, hopfully there's a version over there.

actually i really hoped that a company that creates the biggest software of backup's will consider to use "recycle bin" for this kind of cases.

or another option is to mark a specific backup point "protect from unsafe deleting" like microsoft did in ADDS for users and groups.

best regards

Roy F.


Unfortunately the screenshot

Unfortunately the screenshot does not really tell me anything - the useful part of the message is missing.

So are you saying that ALL of your recovery points have been auto-deleted?? What files are left in the backup destination folder?