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install VSR 18 SP4 silent

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ok so I downloaded VSR 18 SP4 and if I run setup.exe... I can manually run through the install; however, I am trying to do a silent install, no console, no browser, etc...

so my command line is


watching task manager, setup.exe just sits there... thoughts? am i missing something?


fwiw - no console due to VSR-MS



I use the MSP to install only the service pack.

Thx for the reply...

now you have me with a few other questions for you...

so you install the main software via software delivery, share drive or cd?

then you push the patch

do you use silent command lines at all?


my current issue is that I cannot determine a true way to place both into a single deployment.

What i mean by that is I have a software delivery policy as follows...
Install VSR no Console - CommonInstaller.exe /S: /SERVICE: /SSRLANG:"EN" /DISABLETELEMETRY:
Install VSR CMS Plugins - CommonInstaller.exe PLUGIN msiexec /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress /I


i can move one above the other but the problem is simple...
1. install vsr no console - forces reboot and altiris looses track of the progress and never gets to the altiris plugin
2. install vsr cms plugin first - forces altiris agent reset and altiris looses track of what it was doing and doesnt move on to the next


i have tried a bat file, or other things and I just am having no luck...


That's what this forum is for Smiley Very Happy

We do it this way:

For new machines:

We do silent installations for all products with our software delivery system

First we install the Altiris agent via aexnsclient.exe using parameters (

Then we install the VSR plug-in using the msi package with /qb

Last we install VSR SP X  with setup.exe /S: /FULL:

When updating existing machines we use a different approach:

First the altiris agent and the VSR plug-in are updated via VSR-MS.

Then we install the SP X via MSP:

foreach ($server in $servers) {

$s = New-PSSession -ComputerName $server

Invoke-Command -Session $s {

if ((get-service -name "Veritas System Recovery").status -eq "Running") {

Start-Process "msiexec" -ArgumentList "/update C:\temp\Veritas_System_Recovery_18.0_SP3_Patch_64\Veritas_System_Recovery_18.0_SP3_Patch.msp /norestart /quiet /L* C:\temp\Veritas_System_Recovery_18.0_SP3_Patch_64\VSR18SP3.txt" -wait -verb runas
start-sleep 5
write-host "OK"
get-content C:\temp\Veritas_System_Recovery_18.0_SP3_Patch_64\VSR18SP3.txt | select -last 15
shutdown /R /F /T 10