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it management suite giving lots of errors, unable to use

Level 5

My IT management suite installation seem to have become totally unusable. I can open the homepage, but some pages are unable to be accessed, like serials or backup destinations. You click on it, and it starts to load forever. I you check altiris logs viewver when clicking, you can seee loads of error messages appearing, triggered by the lick to access the page.

I notice a similar problem of that of

I am quite hopeless to get to fix this issue, this is a persistent issue for which I have spent endless hours on phone with tech support that i havd dince v16, and has worsened with updates and time. Given the relatively small ammount of clients, I am inclined to perform a fresh new installation of the software, unless somebody has a great idera right now and can give me some quick suggestions. Otherwise, please indicate me the best workflow to uninstall ' clean and reinstall the management software so that I can make it work again.

Some samples of the errors I get are attached