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restor backup for exchange

Good Day

I have symantec Backup Exec 12.5 for windows server , I did the backup for exchange server for mailboxes now i need to restor , i will be thankfu if someone can show me how to do it.


Many Thanks

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Hello Epsone,

Do you want to restore the compete Information Store (all Exchange databases) or you need to restore just a single mailbox in the Exchange database??

Also let us know what is the version of Exchange that you are using.




Good day Sush ,   Yes i need

Good day Sush ,


Yes i need to restor all Exchange database .

The version of Exchange that I use is server exchange 2003 .


Many Thanks


Hello Epsone,

Here is the detailed technote which gives you precise steps about restoring the Exchange databases. : Disaster Recovery Procedure for Exchange 2000 or 2003


Do let us know if this helps you.




Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the link Sush , I followed all the procedure but i get one error message:

Error said: to fix this problem disable no loss restor

I did that but not working still the same error ?

me I try to restor in another server Exchange (server test)

can you help me please .

Many Thanks

I m blocked 2 days ago can

I m blocked 2 days ago can someone help me i will be thankfull

many Thanks