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restore of multiple partition

Level 2


I am testing out BESR 2010 on my server 2003 with 3 partitions being C/D/E ... C having the OS and E having exchange on it.  I would like to backup and restore to a different server but can't find the docs about this one.  I was able to backup the partitions just fine, when I want to restore to a different box I have the option of choosing the C drive which restores just fine, but I need all 3 partitions restored exactly the same way.

Can anyone please explain how to do this?


Level 6
I am doing the same thing write know I have a server with 4 drive’s I want to consolidate to 2 I started restoring 1 at a time but the restore wouldn’t boot
I hooked the drive to a Sata USB adapter to see what was on the drive and I couldn’t believe what I saw
7 partitions with 3 in extended I don’t know what happed so I wiped the drive and restored c booted and I am restoring through the OS 1 partition at a time very time consuming
There has to be a better way!

Have you also checked the options regarding MBR and activation ? Can you post a screenshoot ?

Level 6

Level 6
I am restoring server 2000
No hidden partition
No I didn’t mess with MBR not sure if to have to
Seam’s to boot fine after only restoring OS then through OS restoring one partition at a time
I am way past taking a screen shot
I have another server migration same scenario I will try then
How to restore D: E: F: in one shot?


Well, our servers have only two partitions where C: is the OS volume and D: is the data volume. When restoring a server we apply the following settings:
-We select the appropriate SV2I file of the server
-We select both drives C: and D: for restore
-For drive C: the options to active the drive, restore the drive signature and restore the MBR are select
-For drive D: no changes to the options are made

Maybe you want to give it a try ?