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restoring backup stops at 61%

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I am using the latest version of VSR 21.3 on My windows 10 v2004. 

I backed up my system sucessfully, I have 3 images corresponding to the 3 partitions, however, when I try to restore them using the recovery disk from a network boot it always halts at 61%. After reachign 61% the progress stops to increase and the remaining time starts to increase rather than decrease.

This way I also don-t get any error message. I need help, I need to restore the backup. thanks



I recommend to specify system index (*.sv2i) after booting from the SRD.

In addition, please proceed the steps in below URL. Especially "CLEAN" is important if all partitions are backed up. 

How to backup/restore Windows 2012 R2 with Veritas System Recovery (VSR).

  • Boot from the Recovery Disk (SRD)
  • From the main SRD menu, select Analyze
  • Select Open Command Shell Window
  • Type DISKPART and press enter
  • Type LIST DISK and press enter (the disks that have been detected by the recovery environment (WindowsPE) will now be listed)
  • Select the disk that you want to restore to by typing SELECT DISK # (i.e. SELECT DISK 0)
  • Clean the disk by typing CLEAN and pressing enter
  • Type EXIT and press enter to leave DISKPART

I had already tried all of this, nothing helped. Disk was new so was clean at first attempt, and I cleaned it after each attempt. Seems like the image was not good. I performed a new images using the SRD and it worked at first try