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undefined backup jobs

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Noticed an issue with a new install of System recovery 2011 (v and was wondering if anyon else has seen and resolved this issue.

We've had it installed and running for a few months but needless to say no one was monitoring the system.  The server was handeed to me to admin.

The server is a Win 2008 R2 STD running a DOORS database.

An initial system image was done and a 1 nightly job to backup the DOORs db files, nothing fancy - just backup e:\ drive's folders at 10PM Mon-Friday.

I started noticing that this job was failing every Tuesday with no indication as to why. Needless to say after several tries I could not get it to run.

I deleted all the jobs, shutdown the server, deleted all the history, schedule, and otehr log file folders and restated the server. Did a check for updates and applied them.

I created a new image - ok

Created a new job to run Mon-Fri  at 10PM to backup the e:drive folders

Today I checked the logs and the only scheduled job ran on Friday  and then again on Sunday.  

What gives? Waiting to see what tomorrow brings.






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Are you attempting a File and Folder or a disk level backup of the E drive containing the DOORs db files? If disk imaging, then yes, you should be able to do a full followed by incremental backups of the changes, seen at a sector not at a file level, of the E drive contents. The File & Folder backup on the other hand was designed for End-user information, often seen in the My Documents sub-folder, and not database files.

What errors are you getting on your backups?



Level 2

I'm doing a drive level backup.  There are no reported errors and the Symantec Status Window does not show all the job dates in its schedule.

On May 1,  I created new backup jobs after clearing all the old jobs and logs. The Status window shows a job on May 11 (Friday) - a Red X . The next job shows up on May 15 (tuesday) as good.

Since this change it appears that the backup jobs did not run for 2 weeks. Symantec status window only shows a Red X  on May 11 even though the job was created on May 1. As of now, according to the Symantac Status log, my drive only got backed up starting May 15 through yesterday - May 21.

I'm not sure what has transpired over the course of the month for it to have missed scheduled tasks etc.. but it looks like things may have stablized. I'll check the logs again later this week.