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using rhel5 SRD, some linux beginner help please.

Hi All,

My first post here. Please be gentle.

I have not used any linux backup/recovery tools before, but I have been trialing Symantec's System Recovery 2011.

I have a few questions and would appreciate a little help please.

1. Created a new VM, then used the customSRD I created (following Symantec's Instructions). However, when I try to take the next step and use the "besr" command I just get "command not found". Surely I do not have to manually install Backup Exec System Recovery Tool on the new target machine? Do I? Shouldn't this be included in the SRD already?

Just for clarification. The besr tool was already installed on the source machine and had been used to create a backup of one LVM with no problems.


2. I would like some clarification on a setup using mutiple disks and LVMs.

Do I have to take a separate backup of each LVM rather than use some "magic" option that said "Backup the whole system". I think I know the answer, but worth a try.

Assuming a simple example. I have 5 LVMs on the source machine, each using 20GB.

On the target VM machine I create one disk of 100GB.

If I have 5 v2i files for each of the source LVMs how do I restore these when there would be no target LVMs setup?

I am really hoping I do not have to manually start creating disk partitions and/or LVMs (this would be pushing my linux skills over the top).


Thanks a lot for any help.


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Pete,   The command is symsr



The command is symsr for Symantec System Recovery 2011. Is it possible you are referencing an old PDF? For reference, the user's guide may answer some of these questions:

Check the page 23 in the

Check the page 23 in the above PDF where it talks about LVM. Basically you need to reconfigure LVM before performing the restore.