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Veritas Developer Open-Source Collective

Veritas Developer Open-Source Collective (VDOC)—a place where customers, partners, and Veritas Engineers come together to learn, educate, contribute, and support other members as they progress with their use of APIs, open-source projects, and simplifying operations through automation. VDOC brings developers, automators, script kiddies, and dabblers together to ask questions, share ideas, and build solutions.

Aside from being part of a community of contributors, VDOC members can also net some sweet rewards. For contributors to the projects on GitHub and VOX, Veritas will award and reward for substantial contributions!


Become a Veritas Developer Open-Source Collective Contributor

Becoming a member of VDOC is free and grants you access to our group page on VOX, where you can keep up with the latest announcements, discoveries, and conversations around all things open-source and automation at Veritas. Join VDOC to:

  • Communicate with Veritas experts and knowledgeable peers on GitHub and VOX.
  • Contribute code samples and access the Veritas GitHub Repository.
  • Get Kudos for your outstanding contributions.

About VDOC
Veritas Developer Open-Source Collective — where developers, automators, script kiddies and dabblers from GitHub and VOX discuss open-source offerings and shared open engineering efforts.