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Efficiencies to be gained at your organization using Agile methodologies


In modern software development, Agile methodologies can significantly improve the performance of your engineering team. While your organization may not have a formal approach to employing Agile methodologies, you can learn the Agile Manifesto and its principles to improve the efficiency of your ongoing projects, including:

Avoiding defects: Customer-found defects often require re-work, re-testing, re-packing, and re-delivering a shippable product to the customer. While avoiding defects completely is not possible, their impact can be reduced by applying Agile principles, including:

  • early and continuous delivery of software, and;
  • deliver working software frequently.

Improving work completion: The work of your team ideally amounts to a shippable product. Partial product efforts can be avoided employing Agile standards, including:

  • prioritizing a product backlog;
  • having acceptance criteria for each piece of work;
  • frequent face-to-face communication with the product owners and customers;
  • frequent and early release of software, and;
  • encouraging feedback from end-users.

Reducing extra features: Features that are not needed by customer result in increased complexity and maintenance demands, consuming resources and adding little value. Extra features can be reduced by:

  • improving interaction between business representatives and developers, and;
  • understanding customer priorities.

Reduce internal processing: Sometimes lengthy approval and product documentation processes are wasteful. When organizations employ the Agile approach, they:

  • build teams of capable, trustworthy individuals;
  • document only that which is necessary to support the team’s iterative approach, and;
  • remain attentive to the movement of documentation between teams as the product evolves.

Cut down on task-switching: Multiple projects force staff to switch tasks, which can consume unexpected resources in focus and motion among an engineering team. Task-switching can be reduced by:

  • remaining attentive to the human aspects of a working team, and;
  • maintaining routine face-to-face communication between project stakeholders.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss Agile methodologies more fully; implementating the Agile approach, like a productive product development effort, nearly always holds room to improve! Connect with me here, on VOX, @AnandKayande.