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VOX DC interviews: Clifford Barcliff, Sales Engineer and Evangelist


For Clifford Barcliff, progress is a part of every day; from his professional past building a thriving IT consultancy, to work supporting Veritas’ sales teams across the U.S., Clifford is driven to encourage those around him to see the possibility in advancement through product evangelism.

I invite you to read highlights from my interview with Clifford to learn more about his work at Veritas and experience as a member of #TeamVtas. And reach out to him here in the VOX Developers’ Community, @CliffordB.

Please share some details on your background, broadly and with Veritas.

I’ve always been a self-promoter. Even when I was just starting out, I was dedicated to making things happen for businesses that they couldn’t accomplish otherwise. For example, while I started my career in IT performing data entry at a small law firm, I quickly realized the power of information and automation to grow the business. My part-time job turned into my first customer in just two years’ time.

The technology is fun, but it’s always been about making the process better with technology. Joining Veritas was the natural evolution of this intention; it’s a company that offers a lot of opportunity to make a positive impact to a customer’s bottom line.

The future at Veritas is bright – how would you like to be a part of Veritas’ future?

I want to be the most impactful individual contributor in the company. Bold, right? But it’s true, and Veritas provides an environment where self-starters can thrive.

When attending events on behalf of the company, I’ll frequently wear a bright red suit – #TeamVtas red. I want other attendees to feel, see, and know that I believe in the company and its solutions, and above all, I want to encourage businesses to take advantage of the innovation offered by Veritas.