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VOX DC interviews: Principal Scrum Master, Stephanie Merkel


It’s not uncommon to hear fellow employees speak of Veritas’ community and culture as a driving force in their everyday professional endeavors, and speaking with Principal Scrum Master, Stephanie Merkel, offered yet another example of this potent workplace positivity.

I invite you to read highlights from my interview with Stephanie to learn more about her work at Veritas and experience as a member of #TeamVtas. And reach out to her here in the VOX Developers’ Community, @smerkel!

Please share some details on your background with Veritas.

I was compelled to join Veritas because of its people – specifically, Tara Zieglmeier, in the company’s Roseville office. I met Tara through a mutual friend and was immediately drawn to her perspective on Veritas and the possibilities as a part of the Roseville team.

My primary interests at Veritas are evolving the business tools for NetBackup, including process development and scrum management, with Agile practices guiding the way; really, I enjoy seeing the efficiencies and progress possible in thoughtful operationalizing.

What inspired you to seek a career in computer science?

I’ve always been inspired to learn, with a seeming goal of “learn everything, all the time.” This said, I was raised in an environment not known for its technological standards – a dairy farm. To this day my parents believe I “fix computers” versus seeking exciting, new ways to make use of their incredible functionalities.

My first computer was an Apple II-e, and my first foray into Computer Science on the Oregon Trail. Classic!

The future at Veritas is bright – how would you like to be a part of Veritas’ future?

Even in the midst of building Veritas’ approach to Agile practices, I am looking forward to the potential at hand; there is so much opportunity for our organization to continue developing its scrums to produce evermore solid solutions for Veritas customers.

And I’m grateful I’ve a team of engaged, thoughtful colleagues in the Roseville office with whom I can pursue these goals. Go #TeamVtas!