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VOX DC interviews: Xiaoming Yan, Software Engineer and Scrum Master


At Veritas, we take pride in promoting those among the organization with unique ideas and the willingness to voice them, and Veritas Software Engineer and Scrum Master, Xiaoming Yan, is a strong example of this standard.

As a part of Veritas’ Future Women in Leadership program, Xiaoming was especially selected by Veritas leadership to represent the company’s women engineers – a decision driven by her excellence in scrum management on the NetBackup team and compelling ideas for integrating machine learning in Veritas solutions.

I invite you to read highlights from my interview with Xiaoming to learn more about her work at Veritas and experience as a member of #TeamVtas. And reach out to her here in the VOX Developers’ Community, @XiaomingYan!

Please share some details on your background with Veritas.

I joined Veritas in August of 2015, and was inspired by the company’s openness to innovative ideas and professional growth among employees. Within my first year at the company, I was invited to take on Scrum Master responsibilities in support of NetBackup – an honor at a company known for thoughtful operationalizing among its solutions teams.

What inspired you to seek a career in computer science?

I had not considered a career in technology until I was at university. In an educational environment, I was able to see the possibilities in technological innovation, and knew I wanted to be a part of it. Now, I cannot imagine my life without the everyday intrigue of computer science!

The future at Veritas is bright – how would you like to be a part of Veritas’ future?

I am particularly delighted by the progress we are witnessing in machine learning and want to play a role in Veritas’ integration of machine learning in its solutions.

Machine learning offers undeniably impressive opportunities to improve the experience of our customers – identifying their preferred methods of interaction and patterns among their varying solutions use cases; really, the list of possibilities is only growing, and I am grateful to be able to support this innovation at Veritas as a member of #TeamVtas.