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IDEAS section

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Yeah I see there is no Ideas section...


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We know that the IDEAS section on Connect was the place where all good ideas came to die.

Product Managers have for YEARS not visited that section to look for enhancement requests.

The only useful way to request product enhancements is to get hold of Product Management via the local Veritas office.

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@Marianne I agree, and yet still I feel sad that it goes away - instead of PM´s getting forced to interact.

At least it was a place for Backup Admins to share their grief and sympathize with others :)

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Steve Vranyes, (@svranyes) in his VOX launch opening statement on 2016-07-20, said “Core to our belief in how this is best done is engagement with customers from beginning to end. VOX will be central to this engagement.” Unfortunately, what we are witnessing at the moment appears to contradict this. I have even posted a direct reply to this opening statement, to which, needless to say, there has been no response, at all.

I agree, Symantec Connect Ideas was an overgrown graveyard that had been left to go to seed and an embarrassingly wasted opportunity, on Symantec's behalf. Unfortunately, it looks like Veritas VOX appears to be marking out plots and getting their shovels ready.

Technical questions come and go; some resolved and some unanswered. You could say that this is just a part of a community's ebb and flow and is to be expected. However, product ideas and feedback are fundamentally different to technical questions and should be handled in a different manner and, ideally, in a separate area. However, if Veritas VOX ends up following the path that Symantec Connect did, it won't matter what happens to the ideas. Buried or ignored. The end result is still the same.