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Improvements to Veritas Support: VOX content now presented in Veritas Support search results

Level 6

Along with @BrianWeber and @JoeKug of Veritas Support, I am pleased to inform you of the recent integration of VOX Community content in Veritas Support search results.

We realize the value of aligning the information-rich resources of Veritas Support and the VOX Community, and believe this improved functionality will result in a stronger user experience for those seeking answers to questions on our products and services.

We seek to remain aware of the interests and needs of those using Veritas products and services – your experience matters to our product teams – so as you continue to engage Veritas Support and VOX, please freely contact us within the community to highlight your personal user experience and provide feedback.

And thank you for being a part of the Veritas community.

Alexandra  |  @AlexMatts
VOX Community Manager