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Need Solution vs Just Sharing

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We need the feature back where users can indicate in a new post whether they need a Solution or 'Just sharing information'. 

These 'Just sharing' posts should not be listed under 'Can You Solve These?' , e.g. these NetBackup posts:

NB Change Priority EEB for Security EEB for 


Alternate method to remove SRT in LOCKED_WRITE state 



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This is one of those sore spots for me about Lithium. Other platforms typically have an option that allows the user to specify whether their post is a question or not. Lithium does not. The only solution they offer is to divide boards into areas that are specific to questions and boards specific to knowledge sharing. The structure of our community doesn't allow this to be an option. I'll re-address this issue with the Lithium team and see if there is custom work or anything we can do in the next engagement.

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Another step going backwards....
I guess there was some real value in having a home-grown forum with in-house programmers and developers...

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Can we guess who the low-bidder was for this project?  Man Surprised

I agree with Marianne and I am struggling to find one thing that VOX/Lithium does better.  And there seem many things that appear to be worse than before or on most other forums.

struggling to find one thing that VOX/Lithium does better


Found it: more topics in "VOX Feedback"  Smiley Very Happy

@rkingsland wrote:

The structure of our community doesn't allow this to be an option.

@rkingsland What do you mean by this, exactly? Please explain...

We would have to take every forum in here and divide it into 2. 1 for discussions and 1 for questions. Then we'd have to go back through all the posts from over the last 7, 8(?) years and move them around based on whether they are questions or discussions and then continue to do that any time a new question or discussion gets placed in the wrong area. It's just not scalable. Not sure why Lithium doesn't just have a "mark this as a question" check box when starting a new post. Hopefully it is a feature coming soon since they know everyone wants it.

Hi Ryan,

I think we need to take this discussion off line. What you're saying and what I'm seeing in VOX is totally not matching up. I am starting to get very concerned at this point and I think you should too...

Feel free to contact me, off-line, to continue this discussion.