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Re: Welcome to VOX

Level 6

@rkingsland  Lets see:

1) The funky pictures/icons next to each thread.  Makes it look like Twitter or Facebook.  Also the use of the @ symbol to trigger a personal mention.

2) No matter what screen size I use, there's tons of wasted space on either side.  Almost looks like it was sized for phones rather than real screens.

3) There's no indication of which threads I've already viewed and which ones have new responses.

4) I could hover over the thread title and the first two (or was it three) lines of the issue came up.  Allows me to decide if I want to open it up.

5) Clicking on the title for a thread takes me to the first unread reply, not the problem or the top.  If I haven't visited it before I have to scroll back up to read the problem.

6) Bold black text on white background looks like yelling.

I could go on but the bottom line is that it looks like someone intends the core audience to be under age 25 and using only their phone to access it.