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Welcome to the feedback section of VOX

Level 5

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to explore and participate in VOX. Please use this area to give any feedback or suggestions you may have. I'll be monitoring this board regularly to answer any questions you have and to reply to your posts.



Level 5

Hi, It's me again. Yep. I think you guys appear to have your link titles, descriptions and actual content kind of muddled up. VOX feedback is actually under "Inside Veritas" that describes itself as "News, updates, and information from Veritas executives and thought leaders can be found here." Surely it should be under the currently non-existent VOX title, that I have just mentioned in my previous post, a moment ago?

I'm a little concerned at how confused you seem to be about your own content on this site...

Happy to chat with you about this, if you like...