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Why is Veritas exposing people's email addresses???

Level 3

In the new Downloads option, there is a downloads history log.   I see hundreds of people's email addresses who have downloaded things and what they have downloaded.   Is this supposed to be a feature or a bug?

I thought the function was only supposed to list what I have downloaded in the past.



Level 6
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@erickt , are you referring to the new Veritas Download Center :
or the Downloads section within the various VOX communities? 

@AlexMatts - your thoughts? 

Hello –

While I am not able to replicate a user experience on either platform, I'm including my colleague @kellyromer on this response to ensure his awareness.

And @erickt—could you please share additional details on the specific platform, associated URL, and interaction so our teams may replicate?

Kindly –
VOX Community Management

Well it was on this page but its gone now.   There was a downloads link on the right of the page and when you clicked it, you got a list of people's names and email addresses and what they had downloaded.  There were hundreds of pages and the emails were from around the world.  I guess it was resolved but it sure looked it didn't belong there.

Level 6

Hello, @erickt –

Thank you for this clarification. I will ensure the matter is reviewed with the Veritas Support team, and appreciate you sharing the experience, here.

cc @kellyromer 

Kindly –
VOX Community Manager