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Come here to ask questions, give feedback, and make suggestions about the VOX community

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Links for product-related queries

Please only post in this VOX feedback forum to ask questions, give feedback, and make suggestions about the VOX community. For product-related queries, please find product forums here: Protection:

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Unable to create an Article

Hi All,I have no option to add an article in:VOX>VOX Knowledge > Base Backup and Recovery Knowledge Base >ArticlesI wonder if I have to reach some level (or become a trusted advisor) to be able to write an article or if it's just my personal issue?

Mike_Gavrilov by Level 6
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Authentication issues still not sorted out!!!

Hi,So the authentication issue is now becoming irritating.I click on the avatar icon to log on which it does. No hassles. Go to the Backup exec forum and I get an immediate prompt to logon which I can cancel and I log on.Now, it has started to point ...

CraigV by Level 6
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Resolved! Unable to edit my own Article

I have mentioned an issue with broken links and missing pictures over a month ago: Broken links  After a long search for my 'Frequency based scheduling' article (had to use Google), I managed to locate it:

Marianne by Moderator
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Need Solution vs Just Sharing

We need the feature back where users can indicate in a new post whether they need a Solution or 'Just sharing information'.  These 'Just sharing' posts should not be listed under 'Can You Solve These?' , e.g. these NetBackup posts: NB Change Priority...

Marianne by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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recentpostspage doesn't show the correct number of replies

I generally keep a browser tab open to to see if any threads that I am participating in have any fresh activity and need a followup response.But, the "replies" column is almost all zero...

Larry_Fine by Level 6
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Resolved! Some remarks

Hello all,I have some 'user feedback' for you after using VOX for a while.If I am logged on , and enter a new discussion, when I save the discussion (POST), I have to relogon to get it posted. (little annoying)If I am in a forum (Enterprise Vault in ...

GertjanA by Level 6
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Resolved! Google search results links broken

just wanted to point out that Google search results linking to to older url's just get forwarded to vox home, and not to the discussion itself. for example: 

gkman by Level 5
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Resolved! My points and bookmarks gone

I started receiving mails about the badges and kudos today and relized that complete community is changed. I don't see my points and bookmarks any more. Can someone please help on this.

sksujeet by Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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Old posts are no longer locked

On Connect solved discussions were locked after a month of inactivity. Unsolved discussions were locked after 6 months of inactivity. There was no option to post a reply - just a note at the bottom of the post saying :"This post is locked. Please sta...

Marianne by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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Where is My Account Activity?

I have not logged into Symantec/Veritas community forums in a month or so.I still have my logon info and account activity for the older symantec forums. But when Veritas took over a 6-12 months ago, they took my recent account activity/posts etc and ...

Resolved! Topic sort oder

The default topic sort order appears to be "Original posting date". This is annoying as visitors will miss out on new contributions to older (or long running) topics.IMHO "Time of most recent post" would be the appropriate system wide setting. Every ...

ABS_IT by Level 3
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Resolved! ID/profile shows partner

Hello,i am an employee. how come my credentials/profile here shows partner?how can i change it... pls assiststhanks

Vox Mobile App ?

Hi,Just tried Vox on mobile and the experience not up to the mark. Also the website is not so responsive.Do we have any plans to come up with Vox mobile App ?The will definitely improve on communication pace on Vox and benefit customers and the inter...

Nups by Level 4
Employee Certified
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Session timeouts

HelloIs it really necessary for VOX to sign me out after X minutes. I'm connected to it the entire day.Gets a bit annoying to go to that login page each time to sign in again......

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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