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where should one login for support and community?

Level 6

i find this weird. when i login to VAM, i have to login again to get to support. but with VAM, i can go to community.

if i login to support, i can go to community and support.

so what's the purpose of VAM?

links that i use: and


Level 6

Hello, @manatee –

This strikes us as odd interface behavior, as well, and we'd like to know more of your experience. I've included my colleague, @BrianWeber, in this discussion for shared visibility.

Brian is closely tied to ongoing efforts with VAM, at Veritas, and has requested additional details – for example, which browser are you using? Additionally, could you please provide me an ideal e-mail contact via VOX direct message, so I may connect all parties there?

We are hopeful we can replicate this experience and ultimately seek a solution, together.

Kindly – Alexandra Matthiesen, VOX Community Manager

cc @kellyromer & @TylerWelch


i use the latest release of Firefox with addons like ABP, ghosthery, privacy badger, https everywhere, uBlock Origin.

but i've also experienced the same behaviour with other browsers.

i've PMed you my email address.

Hello, @manatee –

Thank you for your ready response! I will guarantee you are connected to @brianweber via e-mail, as well, in support of seeking a solution to the VAM issues you're experiencing.

Kindly – Alexandra Matthiesen, VOX Community Manager

Thank you for the information. I'm also seeing the same issues when trying to move from VOX to the support site. I've submitted it to our technical teams for their review. We apologize about the inconvience and are working to resolve this. Once I have more information I'll respond back to this thread.