Veritas Backup Exec, the perfect Data Protection Solution…



 Veritas Backup Exec, the perfect Data Protection Solution… 

Imagine that you are sitting there wondering “what’s the best data protection solution for my growing company?”  You are running an IT organization that has a main data center and a growing number of manned remote offices.  You want to off-site your data to the cloud because tape won’t allow you the flexibility for recovery across so many sites.  You want a solution that is simple, flexible and powerful.  And of course, you are sensitive to cost because you want to keep your business profitable. 

Guess What?  I have the perfect solution.  It’s called Backup Exec!

Oh, you thought Backup Exec was for small, one man shops?  No, it’s not!  Backup Exec can scale out to well over 50 sites and protect as much data as you want.  The Backup Exec Enterprise Server Option allows you to centrally manage and monitor backup and recovery operations across multiple Backup Exec servers.  This means you can install it at your remote sites and centrally managed them all from one server.  This configuration allows you to share storage devices, load balance backup jobs, set preferable backup destinations and allows for replication to any backup server in the configuration.  With Backup Exec’s unified capabilities to protect physical, virtual and cloud environments, you can put a Backup Exec server in the cloud and manage it from your main datacenter.  How about that for being flexible.

When it comes to data protection, recovery is the most critical factor for companies.  How quick (Recovery Time Objective) and to what point (Recovery Point Objective) can you recover your data!  With Backup Exec you can recover data from multiple servers and multiple sites from one console, quickly and efficiently!  With its ability to replicate data from on Backup Exec server to another including to and from one in the cloud, it simplifies off-site disaster recovery operations.

Backup Exec is absolutely the perfect configuration for companies with small remote office environments and growing.  Microsoft has endorsed Backup Exec as the premier unified data protection solution to off-site data to Azure.  Microsoft was the first company to use the Enterprise Server Option while protecting more than 5PB of data. And guess what, that data was source code data for many of the products we use today!

You no longer need to imagine what’s the best data protection solution for your company to grow!  Download Backup Exec today and try it out for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!    

For more information on the Backup Exec Enterprise Server Option and the other Backup Exec options click HERE.