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NetBackup 10: Optimize the Power of the Cloud

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Cloud is an amazing technology; it opens the door to things that weren’t possible just a few years ago. The ability to host a company’s mission-critical applications and data without the need for a data center is a huge game-changer, and it has increased agility and efficiency for organizations large and small. But with this increasing reliance on cloud infrastructure comes the need for creative and innovative solutions to keep your data safe. Enter Veritas NetBackup 10.

If you’ve ever been a backup administrator, you’ve heard of NetBackup. But what about backing up workloads on Azure, AWS, or GCP? NetBackup doesn’t disappoint and brings world-class data management capabilities to the cloud.

Here are a few of the new features in NetBackup 10 that protect your business from disaster and ransomware attacks.

Backup from Snapshot (Azure and AWS)

Cloud Snapshots are a great technology; they provide fast recovery with rollback restores and the ability to restore to alternate virtual machines. However, they can be cost-prohibitive for long-term retention. 

With easy-to-use Protection Plans, long-term retention copies can be made from Snapshot copies and stored on any storage platform supported by Veritas NetBackup, and help minimize storage costs. Check out this technical brief or YouTube video for more information on backup from a snapshot.

Accelerator Support for Backup from Snapshot 

Accelerator is a feature in NetBackup that optimizes backup efficiency in the cloud. After an initial full backup is performed, subsequent backups will check the cloud snapshot(s), and only backup changed blocks. This not only shortens backup windows, but it also minimizes costs by reading only changed data from the cloud provider, helping minimize egress/ingress costs. To learn more about Accelerator, see this discussion post.

Exclude Selected Disks from Backup

Available for AWS, Azure, Azure Stack, and GCP, cloud protection plans can exclude selected disks from backup. This is a feature that is easy to set up with just a simple checkbox option in the WebUI, further improving the agility and efficiency of backups in the cloud. To learn more, see this discussion post.

Tell Us What You Think

With all of these new features, NetBackup 10 optimizes the protection of your cloud applications while minimizing costs. For more information on the cloud optimization available in NetBackup 10, check out the solution brief here.

Let us know what you think about these features, by joining the conversation in the NetBackup User Group. Better yet, try it out yourself. Download a copy of Veritas NetBackup 10 from our trialware page, and see how easy it is to protect cloud resources. Existing customers can download a copy from the Veritas Download Center. Be sure to renew your Veritas maintenance and services to continue to get access to free support and upgrades so that you can make the most of your Veritas products.

Renewing allows you to capitalize on the innovations in the latest releases. It also allows you to leverage Veritas services to get the always-on, expert technical support required to resolve issues quickly. As a result, you extract more value from your Veritas investment reduce your risks so that you can focus on your business. Learn more about Veritas maintenance and support at