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Protect Nutanix AHV workloads with NetBackup 9.1

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There are so many trends and challenges that IT professionals are faced with today. Containers, micro-services, compliance, security, and many more. Hyperconverged is an interesting trend in that more organizations are recognizing that the simplicity and integration offer HCI deployments (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) major advantages over discrete components managed by different teams. Nutanix, a leader in HCI, offers a single platform that integrates storage, compute, networking, resources, and virtualization that provides a comprehensive view of your infrastructure. The advantage of hyperconverged is to move mission-critical data and applications into a simplified, unified infrastructure, as a result however there is an increasing demand for a scalable, and flexible, data protection solution that supports the robust requirements of hyperconverged environments. Ongoing challenges of security today highlight the benefits of a strategy that guards against data loss and ransomware attacks. Netbackup 9.1 enables organizations to ensure critical data and workloads running on Nutanix are protected with a single, unified solution that is the foundation for end-to-end data management.

Manage Resiliency requirements for Nutanix AHV anywhereManage Resiliency requirements for Nutanix AHV anywhere 

What is Available

Netbackup 9.1 provides agentless support including single file and folder recovery. This is consistent with a unified HCI. There are a host of additional features in NetBackup 9.1 that improve the resiliency of Nutanix hyperconverged environments.

  • Granular restore options allow customers to select a single file or folder to restore without having to restore the complete volume, which saves time, money, and disruption for IT professionals working with Nutanix powered infrastructure.
  • Integration with Nutanix Guest Tools to provide application-consistent backups of Virtual Machines running on Nutanix AHV.
  • Resource throttling of Nutanix back-ups that automatically load-balances backups jobs across the environment, so no component is overloaded.

AHV Clusters and VM’sAHV Clusters and VM’s

  • Intelligent Virtual Machine group filters provide customers the ability to logically group Nutanix VMs together to more efficiently manage their backup based on VM name, storage container, power state, or UUID (universally unique identifier).
  • Multi-protocol support for NAS (Network Attached Storage) dynamic data protection enhanced its support of NAS protocols to include CIFS/SMB, in addition to the previously supported NFS, for Nutanix Files.
  • Block-based applications support workloads using iSCSI for Microsoft Windows environments that require a block protocol.
  • Self-service support with rules-based access control (RBAC) provides Role-based templates to help IT streamline the process of role creation for different levels of users to only see and perform the range of tasks IT authorizes.
  • Netbackup 9.1 supports Nutanix AHV workloads listing Virtual Machines, AHV Clusters, or Intelligent VM (Virtual Machine) Groups that further simplifies and automates the backup and restore for Nutanix customers.

Check out the video of me demoing how to protect Nutanix AHV workloads with NetBackup.


Netbackup 9.1 for Nutanix AHV seamlessly integrates into the Netbackup primary server and is included and requires minimal configuration. A backup architect quickly and easily configures a solution that provides resiliency to the Nutanix Hyperconverged environment saving time, reducing risk, and improving overall cost reductions. NetBackup 9.1 reduces the staggering complexity of enterprise data protection, with a unified solution built on a converged infrastructure, that easily scales while providing best-in-class performance for petabyte-level capacity and paves the way to IT as a service through convenient, self-service operation, a ransomware protected environment.

Together, with Nutanix we empower IT professionals to spend more time on the development of applications and services and less time worrying about data center infrastructure. Our partner Nutanix is excited about the new integration enhancements that NetBackup 9.1 bring: “Data protection and security is of utmost importance for our customers, especially now with ransomware being omnipresent”, says Mark Nijmeijer, Sr. Director of Product at Nutanix. “The NetBackup 9.1 release brings enterprise-class protection for all workloads running on the Nutanix platform, now including Nutanix Files through intuitive workflows that reduce the load on the backup and IT admins today.”

The partnership between Nutanix and Veritas helps ensure critical data and workloads running on Nutanix are protected with a unified, easy-to-manage hyperconverged platform that is the foundation for end-to-end data management.

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To learn more about the NetBackup Data Protection for Nutanix check out our report at: