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Streamline Backup and Recovery with Automated Operations in NetBackup 10

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With the latest release of NetBackup 10 with Cloud Scale Technology, a host of new features deliver the most comprehensive backup and recovery solution to date. Amongst the features now available are several significant enhancements to Automated Operations, which provide organizations with a more cost-effective and sustainable cloud and a highly efficient, streamlined management experience. In conjunction with the other features announced recently at the Conquer Every Cloud Event, NetBackup is now more cloud-optimized, resilient, and automated than ever before.

Outlined below are the key features which expand upon Automated Operations in NetBackup 10:

Elastic Cloud Backup and Recovery for AWS and Azure - NetBackup 10's new agentless backup from snapshot capability allows organizations running their workloads on AWS and Azure to lower their storage costs by providing cloud-optimized elastic storage. Organizations can reduce their storage demand and cost by moving snapshot data to lower-cost storage tiers in the cloud, such as NetBackup Recovery Vault, Veritas's storage-as-a-service offering, or their own storage on-premises. And by using the Intelligent Cloud Policy Engine, this entire process can be automated based on criteria pre-defined by the backup administrator.

Elastic Cloud Data Deduplication - In addition to optimized, application-consistent backups from snapshots, NetBackup 10 Elastic Cloud Deduplication Services automatically reduce the overall cost of long-term cloud data retention by up to 95 percent. The Cloud Dedupe Engine in NetBackup 10 is a simple, containerized deployment that eliminates the need for static instances, lowering the cost of cloud compute instances while processing more data and reducing energy consumption.

Elastic Cloud Autoscaling - Event-driven, Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for Azure and AWS automatically deploys and removes cloud instances as needed, providing the optimum cloud resources required by the business, at the right time. With Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS and Azure, cloud compute resources are only in use as they are needed reducing overall resource consumption automatically.

These features exemplify the fundamental goal of Cloud Scale Technology: to redefine the future of enterprise data management with, a fully automated management experience for Backup and Recovery. By harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and hyper-automation combined with an elastic, programmable, multi-cloud-optimized technology, NetBackup's strategy will provide the industry's first AI-powered autonomous data management solution delivered on an elastic, multi-cloud-optimized platform. Automated Operations in NetBackup 10 represent the foundation of this transformation towards a fully automated experience. Learn more about Veritas's vision for Autonomous Data Management.

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