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Gearing Up for Multi-Cloud at Veritas Vision 2017

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Multi-cloud is one of our largest focus areas for Veritas Vision 2017. To help us gear up for the conversations, sessions, and highlights that will take place at the conference, I took some time to interview Alex Sakaguchi, Veritas Director of Cloud Solutions Marketing. Check out what he had to say around multi-cloud: 

Thanks for making time to meet with me Alex. Multi-cloud is one of the most popular discussion topics these days…and I know it’s your main focus as well. What is the question you hear of the most regarding multi-cloud?  

Alex Sakaguchi, Veritas Director of Cloud Solutions MarketingAlex Sakaguchi, Veritas Director of Cloud Solutions MarketingBy far it’s, “what is the difference between hybrid cloud and multi-cloud?”  Simply put, hybrid cloud has been used as a catch all term for describing a customer’s environment, but failed to really materialize as a purposeful strategy.  Whereas multi-cloud, while similar in its components, is actually a strategy.  It has to do with getting multiple types of clouds operating in concert, with consistent data management across the full environment.

Definitely good to know the difference in cloud types! Switching gears a bit, what is your biggest multi-cloud concern keeping you up at night?  

From my perspective, it’s how to maximize cloud benefits without lock in.  I think this is generally a concern for many IT leaders deep in their own organization’s cloud journey.  Each cloud vendor offers additional value the more committed you are to each of their platforms.  However, the fear of being locked in to any one platform is a sentiment not easily dispelled. 

So true. In other discussions, we’re hearing the same sentiment. Knowing this is a complex topic, what is the most critical aspect of multi-cloud our attendees should be thinking of as they go to Veritas Vision 2017?  

Overall, attendees should come prepared to learn how Veritas’ flavor of data management can help them realize their multi-cloud objectives.  Our focus has always been on the data/information, rather than the infrastructure.  Cloud, even multi-cloud, is new infrastructure, which can complicate data management without the right tools.  Veritas has those tools we’re stoked to share that with folks at Veritas Vision 2017!

I love the enthusiasm! As the attendees come out of Veritas Vision 2017, what key multi-cloud learnings you’d like them to capture? 

I think specifically, they need to realize the opportunity in front of them – from a cost reduction, management simplification, risk mitigation, and business modernization perspective – when they are able to do the following as it relates to multi-cloud: 1) visualize their data, 2) classify their data, and 3) policy-manage their data, and all of this regardless of their chosen mix of clouds.

Those are 3 good points to keep in mind for sure! Now thinking about the overall Veritas Vision 2017 experience, what’s one thing you recommend that attendees shouldn’t miss?  

The keynotes and super sessions are where they’ll learn about Veritas’ vision for the data management future – they won’t want to miss that.  But in addition to that, many of the top cloud providers in the industry are also top tier sponsors of Veritas Vision this year. Their presence alone should be an indication of the value Veritas brings to the table, but which will be made abundantly clear in the breakout sessions hosted by these CSPs as well.

Good point! Lastly, on a more personal side, what is your favorite part of the Veritas Vision experience? 

Honestly, it’s just the fact that this trip to Las Vegas is for our own event.  I love meeting customers and analysts and media and partners as well.  But at the end of the day, coming to Las Vegas for a multitude of other’s conferences throughout the year is taxing to say the least.  Doing it for your own event, that’s energizing.

I couldn’t agree more with Alex on his sentiments for Veritas Vision and the multi-cloud conversation. I appreciate the time with Alex and would like to hear from you as well. What are your biggest questions around multi-cloud? How can Veritas Vision 2017 help you with your cloud goals?

We will continue to interview other key solutions leading up to the conference. In the meantime, if you haven’t already registered, here is a quick link for more details.