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Software-Defined Storage at Veritas Vision 2017

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Dan O’Farrell, Veritas Director of Solutions MarketingDan O’Farrell, Veritas Director of Solutions MarketingSoftware-defined storage (SDS)…what does it mean for your organization? This is going to be another key topic we will explore further at Veritas Vision 2017.

As we prep for the conference, I wanted to circle back around with Dan O’Farrell, Veritas Director of Solutions Marketing to provide more details.

Here is what he had to say regarding SDS

Great to meet with you Dan. Thanks for making the time. I’m hearing a lot about SDS and thought our audience could benefit from getting a more inside view leading up to Veritas Vision 2017. What is the question you hear of the most regarding SDS?  

One of the most popular questions I get is “there seem to be many players, including “newer” ones like Veritas, now in the SDS supplier market.  What would make Veritas any different from the many others?” And the answer is that Veritas pioneered SDS over a decade ago. We now offer a range of true SDS offers that are designed to easily integrate into existing customer environments while enabling platform independence, data insight, and extreme efficiency in scale and performance. Since we are a true software supplier, we encourage our customers to run our SDS software on any x86 compatible hardware platforms of their liking.

Interesting to know the history. In this space, what is your biggest SDS concern keeping you up at night?  

Really, it’s the question of how will I scale efficiently with the unyielding growth of data, especially unstructured data. From the Veritas perspective, Veritas Access is designed specifically for managing unstructured data while easily integrating into existing storage architectures and providing a single console for both data management and insight. And Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack and HyperScale for Containers are designed to optimize storage with OpenStack and Docker containers environments, respectively.

Good to know there’s a strong solution to help with this scaling efficiency with exponential data growth! For our audience members who are going to attend Veritas Vision 2017, what is the most critical aspect of SDS they should keep in mind?  

Are they using or considering a true SDS solution that provides complete platform independence, co-exists easily with their current storage architectures, and enables the most efficient means possible to scale as data volumes continue their inevitable growth.

Great advice! Along the same lines, as the attendees come out of Veritas Vision 2017, what key SDS learnings you’d like them to take away? 

Anyone considering SDS should look for a) a truly platform-independent solution that allows for efficient and massive scaling, b)meaningful insight into their data, and c) investment protection for their current storage architectures.

Helpful feedback we should all keep in mind. From your perspective of the overall Veritas Vision 2017 experience, what’s one thing you recommend that attendees shouldn’t miss?   

Well, I’d have to say candidly, don’t miss a demo of our next-gen object store solution along with our SDS offers for scale-out NAS for unstructured data, OpenStack, and containerized apps.

Nice plug! I agree, this demo along with the rest of them will be a great opportunity to get that inside view. Ok, last question, on a more personal side, what is your favorite part of the Veritas Vision experience? 

Should be the SDS part of course!

Your enthusiasm around SDS is great to see! Thanks for the quick chat Dan and feedback. For our audience, I’d like to hear your viewpoints too. What are your biggest questions around SDS? And what would help you regarding this important topic at Veritas Vision 2017?

We will have another topic interview coming up in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you haven’t already registered, here is a quick link for more details.