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Veritas Public Sector Vision Day: Harnessing Information in the Multi-Cloud

As the primary catalyst for widespread IT modernization – and its associated innovation, cost savings, and efficiency gains – cloud seems to be the answer to Public Sector’s needs. But, government agencies, educators and healthcare professionals are all dealing with massive information volumes and often don’t fully understand:

  • What their data contains
  • Who owns it
  • How much risk it presents
  • How it’s protected
  • Or even where it resides 

It is true that more than three quarters of IT organizations are using multiple cloud platforms for apps and data today. But how can you take maximum advantage of this multi-cloud world without creating a new set of isolated data silos, incurring hidden storage costs, becoming locked-in, or increasing your compliance exposure?

At Veritas, we believe the cloud should just be a natural extension of your traditional data center. You should be able to visualize, migrate, protect, and move your data and workloads no matter where they reside – even across multiple clouds. We help our Public Sector customers overcome this complexity and turn their data into a true information asset as they migrate into today’s multi-cloud environment.


WashingtonDC_02-01.jpgWe will be sharing more with customers at our Public Sector Vision Day in March, so they can get the inside track on how to effectively manage their data – both in the cloud and on-prem – and gain the visibility needed to move from chaos to clarity in today’s information age.

Veritas’ Public Sector Vision Solution Day is the perfect place to learn how to:

  • Take a 360 approach to data management, so you can protect, access, and gain valuable insights from your data in a unified manner — wherever it goes.
  • Deploy a software-based approach, so you can stop worrying about vendor lock-in, expensive hardware or slow reaction times — in both your old and new worlds.
  • Optimize your data by choosing the best location for cost efficiency without diminishing performance or protection.
  • Gain visibility into all your data, so you can migrate, protect or control access to business-critical data and workloads — while meeting the toughest compliance standards.
  • Boost performance, scalability, and availability across any type of storage, so you can increase service levels — in the cloud and on-premises.

Join us! The event is March 15 in Washington DC at the Willard InterContinental hotel.  We look forward to further sharing our 360 data management story to help customers migrate successfully to the multi-cloud world.