A successful year for Veritas Technologies at HIMSS 2019

TeamVtas at HIMSS 2019.jpgMoments before the HIMSS 2019 expo floor opened, members of #TeamVtas gathered for a group photo.

Veritas had its best showing at HIMSS, to date! Those of us on #TeamVtas are enlivened by the company’s recognition in the healthcare industry following only three years of participation as an independent company in the Orlando-based annual conference.

Our customers enjoyed the interactive booth supported by some of our key partners, allowing Veritas staff to demonstrate our healthcare solutions with clarity and ease. Customers walked away with a better understanding of innovations in data protection, governance, and long-term data retention from the demonstrations. The compilation of daily theater presentations supporting these themes kept the booth filled with interested participants eager to learn details of the latest innovations from Veritas (and win some incredible prizes from our #LeadersBackItUp campaign).

Industry partners at HIMSS 2019.jpgVeritas Technologies industry partner, World Wide Technology, presented in the Veritas booth theater, including guidance on developing a 360 data management strategy.

Attendees demonstrated special interest in identifying opportunities to economize by managing data growth, and the topic of PHI availability and security was understandably top-of-mind for organizations taking this on. In nearly every conversation, we were able to provide guidance on harnessing the power of data through improved efficiency and insights.

And data protection was a leading focus of HIMSS attendees. While Veritas is recognized as the leader in data protection, our HIMSS presentations allowed us to demonstrate our ability to help organizations address a range of needs, from leveraging data to identify security risks, to determining the simplest approach to moving to the cloud for both archive and application availability – all with the support of Veritas solutions.

Our customer case studies proved to be especially engaging, with presentations from leaders at Amazon Web Services, Insight, Sirius, and WWT.

And demonstrating Veritas’ support of healthcare organizations was only part of the event’s value. We also had the opportunity to participate as a CHiME foundation member, receiving insight to the needs of healthcare CIOs from technology partners, learning the importance of individual systems in a crisis beyond EMR applications. For example, for many organizations, blood bank, diagnostic imaging, and pathology sources are more critical for patient safety than the EMR. Simply, in healthcare, patient safety comes first, and reliable access to data is a meaningful part of commanding this safety.

Those of us on #TeamVtas are already anticipating working alongside our customers to develop the next generation of Veritas solutions for presentation at HIMSS 2020. Really, it feels pretty incredible to be a part of providing a certain healthcare solution.

Veritas is committed to improving the healthcare experience for organizations and their patients, and I’m proud to be a part of that. For additional insight to Veritas’ presence at the HIMSS 2019 Conference, please visit www.veritas.com/himss.