Better Together: NetBackup and Resiliency Platform


Is backup your only failsafe?

Your organization needs to meet various Service Level Objectives such as Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). These are commonly set in place based on how much downtime your application can afford and how much data can be lost. For critical business applications like OLTP workloads or customer facing digital services these are often zero, and for lower tier applications such as HR applications, these are often in hours. Backing up your critical business data is table stakes, but it should not be your holy grail for ensuring business uptime.


How many point tools does it take to keep the lights on?

To manage uptime in an environment that has varying levels of service levels for different applications, many organizations rely on point tools such as VMware Site Recovery Manager or Microsoft Azure Site Recovery for virtual machine (VM) failovers along with various data replications solutions for their virtual environments. For physical application environments a lot of organizations typically rely on hardware based array replication and manual procedures and scripts to orchestrate application recovery. But relying on pure replication technologies over backup is not enough, and relying on native VM failover tools leads to siloed operations and most importantly does not cater to what’s most important to your business – the applications running inside the VMs. To put it succinctly – you are recovering blind. On the other hand, manual operations and scripts do not constitute the most optimal application recovery procedures.


An integrated approach to resiliency helps ensure predictable recovery

360 data management is all about being proactive and optimized. The new direct integration of Veritas NetBackup and Veritas Resiliency Platform gives you a proactive and predictable business resiliency solution that integrates not just backup and replication, but more importantly also takes care of application recovery via automation and orchestration of application inter-dependencies- all this across your heterogeneous underlying platforms and infrastructure components. With integrated resiliency across your cloud, virtual and physical systems, your business is assured of predictable recovery.




This is really cool integration and a great way to introduce VRP into an environment that already runs NetBackup AIR. The ability to perform the restore of 100s of VM's in an automated fashion is revolutionary to say the least.

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