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Cloud confidently [and beyond] with Veritas Technologies at AWS re:Invent 2019

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Unprecedented growth and market domination are two thoughts that come to mind as we shift our attention and energy to the upcoming AWS re:Invent showcase in Las Vegas Dec 2-6, 2019. Veritas is proud to be a Diamond sponsor at this year’s event, where we plan to showcase new products, solutions, and services to help our customers reduce cost and complexity, increase operational efficiency, and mitigate risk across the data management landscape that exists from on-prem to cloud deployment scenarios.

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AWS Outposts: a compelling opportunity for today’s private datacenter

As Amazon market share grows, so too has the company’s footprint in the datacenter. With the announcement and release of AWS Outposts, the traditional private datacenter joins the Amazon public cloud with ease. Now, bringing the cloud on-premises with an AWS Outposts device is almost as easy as ordering a phone charger from Outposts devices are custom-built to support an organization’s operating environment—providing an ideal way to bridge previous cloud adoption gaps, such as high-frequency transactions, latency caused by distance, and large data transmissions for storage. This expansion is redefining what the enterprise thinks about the cloud, setting new expectations when it comes to virtual private clouds.

Maintaining data integrity for AWS Outposts

As Outposts make their way into the datacenters of organizations across the globe, Veritas is building a better way to maintain data integrity within the device. First steps have been taken, with NetBackup certification and testing on the device to ensure Outposts data can be backed up and recovered in the same manner as traditional AWS data—this is our priority number one. Throughout 2020, additional Outposts support will be unveiled for the complete Enterprise Data Services Platform. Veritas’ very own Richard Jacobik will be providing more details on AWS Outposts support in his upcoming post to VOX Blogs.

AWS + SAP HANA, improved

Today, SAP HANA users can make the most of their AWS adoption in a more effective, efficient experience than ever before given the partnership between Amazon and SAP. Deploying SAP HANA inside AWS now requires mere hours compared to the more traditional datacenter approach—one that required weeks (if not months) to deploy. With the added perk of Bring Your Own License support and pay-for-what-you-use infrastructure costing, migrating SAP HANA into AWS is not only cheaper, it’s effectively better. Savvy admins are taking the plunge, making the change and looking great in the process for a fraction of the cost.

Protecting SAP HANA in AWS

Deploying SAP HANA on AWS IaaS can be a rapid and efficient process—supporting data integrity in the newly deployed environment. Veritas NetBackup 8.2 recently achieved S/4HANA certification on x86 servers running in AWS, and Veritas InfoScale 7.4.1 will achieve its certification for S/4HANA Linux servers by late November 2019. These two leading solutions will be able to protect critical data and infrastructure residing inside the S/4HANA environment, as well as enable the highest levels of availability and uptime to combat data threats, human error, and outages with a suitable option for recovery and operability that is as quick and efficient as the AWS infrastructure in which it resides.

Smarter AWS adoption

Today, IT teams can adopt AWS with incredible ease, with optimized migration, automation, and templated environments that can be deployed in minutes, readily expanding AWS infrastructure to meet demands of the business. With this ease of use comes a tradeoff—the opportunity to expand too far and pay for more than you need is an all-too-common practice. When hybridized, the challenge becomes more complicated, with duplicate instances and data residing both on-premises and in the cloud. AWS users need a better way to visualize their entire infrastructure and attribute a price to their consumption.

Visualization with APTARE IT Analytics makes AWS better

Solving for this visualization need—APTARE IT Analytics. With APTARE, identifying the total hybrid infrastructure, driving intelligence, and reducing costs across the board is a matter of hooking into and viewing an infrastructure with a single read-only user login—it’s that simple. The optimized APTARE collection engine allows for comprehensive, swift integration into AWS IaaS, as well as traditional on-prem datacenters. With support for a large quantity of hardware arrays, hypervisors, and other physical infrastructure, seeing the bird’s eye view of a multi-region, hybrid cloud, datacenter from targeted dashboards is the reality, not the expectation. APTARE allows users to assign and break down resource consumption by cost and generate tailored reports per business unit leaving no IT director asking, “Why did we spend so much on storage?”

AWS re:Invent 2019 is happening this week in Las Vegas—as you research and confirm your sessions, we hope you include Veritas Technologies in your event experience. Please join us in the Veritas booth at 1201 to “Get comfortable in the cloud.”