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Enabling data innovation: Veritas Cloud Storage


Today’s exciting announcement of Veritas Cloud Storage represents the newest addition to Veritas’ software-defined storage portfolio.  Veritas Cloud Storage is an on-premises object storage offering, initially available as software, and soon in an easy to consume appliance form factor, which brings workflow and advanced classification capabilities designed to help organizations innovate and make the most of their data regardless of where it resides – on-premises, private cloud or public

Your ability to access and act upon your data directly affects how well you can protect, manage and derive value from it. Veritas Cloud Storage is a distinctly flexible, scalable software-defined storage solution, that includes intelligent features to help organizations classify, analyze and manage massive stores of data; we want to help our customers maximize the value of their data through Veritas Cloud Storage by providing the most flexible range of mechanisms for ingesting, accessing and managing data. This includes workflow capability to accelerate innovation and diverse connectors, plug-ins, SDKs and an API to facilitate highly effective management of data throughout its lifecycle.  With such a versatile and developer-friendly solution, you can derive business value from your data a lot more easily. 

For Veritas customers subject to the imminent General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Cloud Storage is designed for ready deployment. With Veritas Cloud Storage, organizations governed by GDPR standards can scan their data to ensure sensitive information is properly tagged, managed, and protected.  Veritas Cloud Storage provides access to data globally; this solution can be geo-distributed with rich storage policies and features that provide organizations access to the same data, no matter the location.

I am looking forward to seeing the various creative ways organizations will use the solution to manage and extract value from their data.  As you explore the most suitable storage solutions for your business, I invite you to consider Veritas Cloud Storage, and contact our team to learn more and participate in a beta at