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GDPR: Changing a data headache into an information opportunity for Local Authorities

GDPR is upon us. While politicians deliberate over the terms of Brexit the timeline for GDPR ticks by. In less than 16 months, on 25th May 2018, it becomes law - a law designed to harmonise data protection legislation to further protect European citizens wherever they are in the physical and digital world. It applies to any organisation handling the personal data of EU citizens, so Brexit won’t make this go away. Non-compliance will mean big fines - the greater of 20 million EUROs or 4 per cent of annual turnover.

At Veritas we take the view that GDPR creates positive opportunity. It’s not to be feared, it’s not yet another administrative millstone from the EU. Yes, it’s time to make sure that you understand GDPR, that you understand how far it reaches and how it affects your organisation. But you should also be very clear about the significant business and organisational value that can be achieved.

Grasp the nettle and GDPR becomes an opportunity for local authorities to create business value and deliver better services to citizens and consumers. Click here to find out how.

On 7th March, Veritas held its first, live streamed, CIO Digital Debate on The New Data Privacy Revolution and featured on the panel of renowned expert CIOs was, Public Sector IT veteran Jos Creese. Following the debate we are pleased to release our latest CIO viewpoint article, written by Jos. In this guidance note he explores how Councils can ensure citizens will trust their data usage and security; the key areas to consider in preparing for GDPR; how to create value alongside compliance and who is responsible for making it all happen. 

Download the CIO viewpoint article: Turning GDPR from a data headache into an information opportunity now.