Improving customer experience at Veritas: the redesigned Veritas Support website

All about you - social - Linkedin - 1200x627 copy.pngWe recently redesigned the Veritas Support website with one customer in mind—you—and it’s a project several years in the making. We embarked on this journey with a collection of Veritas customers and partners, seeking to better understand when and why you need help with Veritas products, and how you prefer to receive help.

We partnered with Veritas user experience research and design teams to ensure the approach addresses today’s dynamic customer needs—you can accomplish your goals whether you’re on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Every page has been redesigned to allow you to accomplish your Veritas-related support goals with greater ease. And while we realize adjusting to a new website requires time, we hope our modern design is something that provides immediate gratification and ease for you. That said, we still have a lot to learn—please don’t hesitate to provide feedback here.

The new Veritas Support website features three substantial improvements.

  1. Design: Improvements to the overall Support website design with the introduction of a sleek, multi-purpose and visually appealing experience.
  2. Search: Invested in the search experience to enrich the ability to access content; our improvements to the search experience can have you solving IT problems in minutes.
  3. Case Management: Now managing or reviewing your cases is more intuitive and user friendly; we’ve implemented new ways to connect with Veritas Support, without having to call directly.


We’ve incorporated design patterns from Google’s Material Design for improved familiarity, as many websites across the globe use these best practices. We’ve simplified access to the parts of our website you use the most and eliminated pages that have proven to be unnecessary. We’ve redesigned with small screens in mind first—but if you don’t use small, you’ll find just as much value if not more from the additional screen space.

Examples of improvements to the design:

  • We’ve elevated and made the Search bar more visible on every main page, as it’s the #1 thing customers seek on the Support site.
  • We’ve improved the help and error text in the Search bar.
  • We’ve reduced the number of “top task” icons on the homepage as some were redundant and others weren’t highly used.
  • We’ve moved the specific Product selection below top task icons as it was often confused with a way to limit searching in the Search Bar, also simplifying the ability to filter results within Search.
  • Redesigned Product Pages to be more useful in terms of product-specific content and usability.
  • We’ve added a Support News carousel to keep you apprised of all the improvements Veritas is making to our Support experiences.
  • We’ve simplified access to our Support channels based on the information you provide.


Many vendors put Support content behind a login. And while there may be some content and capabilities for which you do need to log in, we will always have an open approach to finding Veritas Support content. Many of you start looking for what you need by searching in Google. With this user behavior in mind, we hope you find exactly what you need when you land on Veritas Support, but feel confident the improved Search experience boosts this possibility.

We’ve also invested in improving our search engine accuracy. Our new search engine includes artificial intelligence based on your interactions; over time, it will get better and better. Behind the scenes, we’ve also improved our employee search tools and content editing capabilities to ensure that, in addition to helping you find what you are looking for, our content will be as easy to read, impactful, and as succinct as possible.

Examples of improvements to Search:

  • We’ve implemented web and search analytics to feed into our search engine’s artificial intelligence capability to keep learning about which results are the most useful to Veritas Support site users.
  • We offer “Featured Results” when we think there is specific content that will be of value to you based upon your keyword search.
  • We designed tabs across the top of your Search results to easily look across different content types for the Search keywords provided. Additionally, within each content type tab, we have type-specific “facets” to the left of the Search results to help you further refine the results. We have also dramatically improved accuracy/usability of the “count of results” shown next to each facet on the left.
  • We have changed our article rating capability to “faces” (frown or smile) to be better understood across all cultures and included article ratings in our Search results and search engine relevancy scores to ensure your ratings of our content help us get the best possible content in front of those who need it. Similarly, we have a closed loop process in place to action article feedback quickly to continually make it better.
  • We’ve improved our Article page design to include article feedback summaries and links to related articles. This is just one more way you might find what you are looking for in addition to using the Search bar.
  • We’ve dramatically improved how our search engine processes “exact match” and “with Boolean” searches; we realize this is critical to your success as you are often taking specific phrases from log files and errors to find the resolution yourself.
  • We’ve improved the way we highlight the keywords you searched within the contextual summaries of Search results so you can visually scan the results for the most relevant content.

Case Management

While we realize you would prefer to learn about and solve problems with our products on your own, we also realize there will be times when you need to engage the Veritas Support team. Whether that is help with administrative things (like account/profile updates, billing, or orders) or technical support, we want you to easily and accurately send us your request and get you to the right resource to resolve your request as quickly as possible.

We have completely redesigned our case management capabilities from the ground up. For this functionality, you are required to log in. Based upon your identity, we can ensure you are entitled to receive Support, but also so we can streamline your online experience.

Examples of improvements to case management:

  • As with the rest of the site, we designed case management to accommodate all screen sizes.
  • Keeping your privacy and security top of mind, we’ve looked across our internal systems to determine which products you have, which accounts you belong to, and which kind of user you are (i.e. customer vs partner or software vs hardware user)—we then use this information to tailor your case management experience.
  • Contextual presentation of fields based on selected case type keeps data entry and viewing to a minimum.
  • Severity 1 cases can be submitted and managed online for all regions that support doing so.
  • When creating cases:
    • We now present My Products based on your entitlement data, including visual distinction of software and hardware products to guarantee the right Veritas team is assigned to address your issue.
    • For Appliance cases, we help you validate your appliance Serial Number or allow you to select it from a list of Serial Numbers from your account.
    • We clearly present our Chat hours and supported languages for case type, request type, and/or product selected; when there are no agents available to help, Chat is disabled so you can choose a different Support option or wait until someone is available.
    • We now allow you to submit rich text and inline images to better explain the problem you’ve encountered, and you can attach files to cases once the case has been created. We have more improvements coming for case attachments in a future release.
    • We’ve tuned our search engine to present better potential solutions for the information you have provided on the case. That said, if that information isn’t helpful, simply click to Continue creating your case.
    • We have streamlined how partners create cases for themselves or on-behalf-of customers they support.
  • When managing your cases:
    • We offer easy ways to filter them by status and ownership (i.e. my cases, my company’s cases, cases opened for me by my partners, etc.). You can also use Search across all columns for your cases to filter the list that way.
    • If you have long lists of cases, we offer the ability to create a CSV export of your case summaries.
    • We also offer visual cues in your list of cases for statuses, severity, and more.
  • Within the case detail screen:
    • We display the case description, plan of action, and message history showing rich text and inline images as entered by you or our Support agents.
    • We have grouped all primary actions on the existing open case at the top of the screen for ease of use.
    • If Chat is offered for the case type, request type, and/or product, we allow you to Chat directly from the case detail screen.
    • When updating an existing case, we now allow you to submit rich text and inline images to better describe your update.
    • We present the Case History in a more intuitive way, allowing you to expand/collapse all entries, expand/collapse individual entries, and search across all entries easily.
    • We have improved the ability to manage your CC List for the case.

We’re hopeful the changes made to the Veritas Support website prove to be beneficial. And please remember, we welcome your feedback—we are listening, and want to learn from you. We realize the Support website still isn't perfect. We are making improvements every month, and there are several large projects coming that will help you even more. As soon as those are more defined, we will share them with you!