Increasing Customer Choice and Embracing Community

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For me open source in general, and OpenStack in particular are all about community, collaboration and customer choice for avoiding vendor lock-in, accelerating innovation and increasing operational efficiency.


RH image.pngToday, I am excited to announce the upcoming version 2 of Veritas™ HyperScale for OpenStack, our software-defined storage solution for OpenStack-based clouds. HyperScale for OpenStack leverages the servers’ direct attached storage (DAS) providing enterprise-strength capabilities that enable robust, production-scale deployments while meeting the QoS and data protection needs of performance-sensitive workloads like databases.

HyperScale for the Red Hat OpenStack Platform

A major step forward in HyperScale v2.0 is support for the Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Developed in collaboration with Red Hat, and able to be deployed using Red Hat’s OpenStack Platform director, Veritas HyperScale, offers a robust, production-ready storage foundation for an enterprise OpenStack-based infrastructure.

HyperScale No-Cost Community EditionHSOS people image.png


Additionally, our HyperScale software will also be made available in a full-featured community edition providing you with a free and frictionless download and use. The HyperScale community edition gives you a hands-on experience with our enterprise storage solution for OpenStack clouds. Ready to deploy in your enterprise production environment?  You have the option to purchase support directly from Veritas.  I am looking forward to your thoughts and feedback. Join your peers in our HyperScale community here.