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Information and insight chart the path forward for Americas Sales

Veritas Americas Chief of Staff, Nicolas DayVeritas Americas Chief of Staff, Nicolas DayI'm an optimist, though mine is not an unwieldy sort of optimism. So when I say, “I’m excited to be a part of the future of Veritas Technologies,” I do so hoping to be asked, “Why?”

Joining the company one month ago as the Americas Chief of Staff gave me a unique opportunity to once again work with Michael Cremen, Senior Vice President of Americas Sales. I’ve worked with Michael previously and experienced hands-on his impact on corporate culture and ability to inspire sales teams. When he joined Veritas, I first asked him “Why?” I didn’t understand the decision to go sell what I perceived as simply “backup” solutions. 

He told me about Mike Palmer, our EVP and Chief Product Officer, and suggested I take a look at some of his YouTube videos. The story I heard impressed me: there was a suite of data management solutions all built on the foundation of NetBackup – a solution customers loved and had been using for over 25 years. Gartner even recently reaffirmed our leadership status in the marketplace, and we’ve launched 8 new solutions in the past two years!

Seeing all the opportunity and how customers could benefit today, I started to think of all the ways to tell this story to customers. This is how the Chief of Staff role evolved – it became a mix of strategy, storytelling, transformation and selling at an Americas level.

One month in, I’m having more fun than I have had in a while. I’m working with an amazing team of inspired and motivated people that deeply care about our company and more importantly, our customers.

Promising from the beginning

Even my first week at the company was promising; while I expected to be immersed in navigating the bounds of the business as one often does during the first week in a new role, I was instead immediately invited to delve into Americas Sales strategy in an experience that has been emboldening.

Veritas maintains an impressive approach to sales representative support, driven by a shared, cross-company desire to be the leading provider of data management insights to Veritas customers and partners; a standard I’m looking forward to rallying behind as we move with more clarity than ever before to address the needs of our customers and the industry, broadly.

Information and insight chart our path

At Veritas, we see the value in providing customers insight to their business with awareness of the challenges they face. And this requires research.

Research remains top-of-mind across Veritas’ business groups, from those among our solutions engineering teams to the staff leading the VOX Community and company social channels. Veritas R&D is a cross-organizational effort to understand the things that matter most to our customers – now, and in the future.

In addition to standard approaches to R&D, at Veritas we take extra steps to understand our customers, including: 

  • Dedicated customer insight programs: We host customer-focused programs to garner insights from Veritas customers to guarantee our solutions are engineered with attention to their unique needs. These programs include the Customer and Partner Engagement Program and Veritas Support User Experience forum on VOX.
  • The VOX Community: The ultimate digital community for Veritas customers, partners, and staff, offering over 25 individual solutions-focused forums to post and engage comments and questions from users across the globe. With the involvement of Veritas engineers and upcoming integration of Veritas Support content, VOX provides direct access to all-things-Veritas.
  • Regionalized Vision events: In 2018, we’re hosting a series of personalized, regional Vision Solution Days, inviting attendees to access leading data management experts, attend hands-on labs and technical workshops, and receive localized training.

Onward, at Veritas

Please join me in the VOX Community, @NicolasDay, and contact me directly with comments or questions at The future at Veritas is bright, and I’m anticipating sharing more of our bold roadmap as we move forward. Onward, #TeamVtas.



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