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Join us in the VOX Developers’ Community


Please join me and engineers from across Veritas’ global offices in the VOX Developers’ Community – the VOX DC!

The VOX DC is a part of VOX – the Veritas Open eXchange – and is a digital space for Veritas developers to share their expertise and insights; from development best practices and design and coding highlights to interviews with exemplary engineers among our teams, we are welcoming those outside the company to learn more about life at Veritas.

This project has been in the works for six months and watching the new community come alive with the stories and voices of Veritas engineers is exciting. To bolster VOX DC in support of its launch, we fielded content from engineering teams throughout our organization, seeking technical perspectives from Veritas staff from Mountain View to Pune.

As you become more familiar with the VOX DC, please freely contact VOX Community Manager @AlexMatts with comments, ideas, or questions that arise – she’ll make certain they’re shared with the broader VOX DC team.

We want the VOX DC to grow and thrive, and input from engaged individuals like you will advance that end and help you and others like you derive more value from Veritas’ products.

#TeamVtas #VOXDC