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Let Veritas and VMware help you to accelerate your cloud journey at VMworld 2020

Level 1

Veritas and VMware have been working together for a long time to make managing all aspects of your data center as intuitive and efficient as possible. VMware first tackled software abstraction of your servers. Since then, it’s done the same for your network and security while also extending its management to the cloud and containers. Similarly, Veritas started with software-defined abstraction of storage and high availability clustering for applications. You may know Veritas for data protection or data insights, the final component of the Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP), but perhaps you don’t know that we’ve also extended EDSP from on-prem servers to the cloud and containers.

Not only do VMware and Veritas approach IT challenges in a similar way, but we’ve also been partnering directly to make sure our solutions align and produce the best outcomes for businesses. Veritas maintains Advanced Technology Partner status with VMware and several certifications between our solutions, and VMware makes up the largest workload protected by NetBackup – this makes sense since Veritas holds 195 virtualization specific patents that help make protecting virtual workloads like VMware as efficient and easy as possible.


This is a fantastic ongoing partnership, and I’m happy to tell you that we’ve made several VMware-specific improvements in NetBackup 8.3, our latest release. We’ve improved the discovery time for VMware VMs by up to 50 times over previous versions; made backups faster and lightened the load on your network by boosting the compression efficiency of Network Block Device (NBD) transport; and added SQL mount points for SQL servers running on VMware to provide even more options in how your databases can be protected. We’ve also improved our integration with vRealize ensuring that the same workflows you are already familiar with from VMware handle automation and role-based access.

For more information on our NetBackup 8.3 launch, please view this video: Veritas NetBackup 8.3 Launch.

The Hybrid/Multicloud World

An IT footprint that includes servers on-prem, in the cloud, in multiple clouds, or even containers, is what we mean when we say hybrid/multicloud. The possibilities presented by the hybrid/multicloud are many, from right-sizing footprint for performance or budget reasons and taking advantage of tools that didn’t exist just a few short years ago to truly resilient data centers spanning multiple locations seamlessly. With these possibilities come the challenges of more tools, more silos, more logins, and more potential failure points.

This is why it is more important than ever to have systems that can work the same from edge to core to cloud. Regardless of where you run applications, your experience should look and feel the same. VMware’s management of the systems your applications run on facilitates a seamless experience. You also leave yourself open unnecessarily to points of failure if you have to adopt a niche solution for data protection or optimal availability of an application. Thanks to Veritas and standardizing on the EDSP, you can rest easy knowing your applications across edge, core, and cloud are well protected and highly available.


VMworld 2020

At VMworld 2020, Veritas will discuss how it’s teamed up with VMware for the better part of two decades to meet the challenges IT has faced and how we continue working together on the new opportunities the hybrid/multicloud provides. We look forward to presenting our on-demand break-out session and engaging live discussions at VMworld 2020 on September 29 - 30. Click the link below to sign up for our session!

For more information on how Veritas partners with VMware for data protection, visit our site here.