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Moving data to the cloud? Veritas can help.

Today, Veritas announced a new technology alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver Veritas 360 Data Management capabilities to enterprises leveraging AWS infrastructure – accelerating their migration to the cloud.

Our new alliance with one of the world’s largest cloud vendors is a natural evolution for Veritas. I believe that in 2017, more CIOs than ever before will move from test and development to production for core applications to take advantage of the cloud economies of scale. Public, private and hybrid cloud implementations will also accelerate as organizations grapple with the interoperability between hardware vendors and fixed data center assets – while they continue down the path of digital transformation.

VRP7_Cloud_campaign_twitter_1200x600.jpgIn my role as Chief Product Officer, I meet with an increasing number of Veritas customers who feel pressured to look for new ways to drive greater value from IT and at the same time, develop new business models that have the Internet and its deluge of data at their core.

Many of these organizations have on-premises data centers that require significant space to store this data, not to mention rising energy costs and increased IT staff.

Today’s announcement further supports Veritas’ commitment to enable data management capabilities across hybrid architectures for customers and help IT organizations successfully navigate their journeys to the cloud.

There are many reasons why enterprises adopt cloud architectures, both private and public. While some focus on the potential for cost savings, others look for speed and simplicity, location, or particular application services available in public clouds. And they choose different providers for their ability to deliver competitively across these attributes. Other customers are concerned with governance and may choose private cloud deployments, when for instance, their businesses are part of an industry and must conform to security, control or data privacy issues.

And then there are customers I meet with that believe a hybrid cloud with a variety of public and private options with multiple providers works best for them. Cloud computing is much more complex when you need to manage private, public, hybrid and traditional data centers all together. 

But Veritas is here to help – to not just migrate, but manage across all of these environments and hybrid architectures, including future-proofing deployments.

Today, we continue to simplify this journey for you with AWS. Veritas has best-of-breed hardware-agnostic tools for backup, file system, storage management, clustering, data visibility, data availability, and data management. And, we are focused on protecting your data, whether on premises or in the cloud.

If you are looking to AWS for your cloud journey, I encourage you to take a closer look at Veritas 360 Data Management for AWS to help resolve immediate challenges. 

No organization can afford to be dark. To ensure disaster recovery readiness while saving time and cost, Veritas Resiliency Platform now orchestrates the entire migration or failover/failback operations to or from AWS, allowing organizations to simply move and automate the recovery of virtualized infrastructure to AWS with a single click. 

Many organizations keep critical applications on premises, but at a cost. Veritas InfoScale for AWS allows enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle to run in AWS while preserving on-premises performance, resiliency, and scalability, while providing a viable alternative to refactoring each application.

Data continues to double almost every two years, with unstructured data driving this growth, creating enormous cost pressures for customers. For application owners leveraging AWS and requiring improved performance, Veritas Access provides cost-optimized software-defined storage for unstructured data workloads. Today, customers are able to use Veritas Access and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as a low-cost storage tier for unstructured data workloads and optimize data migration to AWS. In the coming quarters, customers will also be able to run Veritas Access as an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance and automatically provision the right tier of Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) or Amazon S3 storage to meet application performance requirements.

Data protection remains key, and even grows in importance with the movement of data from on premises across public or private clouds. For a simple and reliable data protection experience, customers can choose from Veritas NetBackup or Veritas Backup Exec, and AWS customers can now select the NetBackup Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for a preconfigured and customizable cloud deployment.

More information on today’s announcement is available at

I look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can continue to simplify your cloud journey.