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Multicloud Data Management Strategy that Fuels Digital Transformation

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Every day, digital transformation is allowing businesses to experiment and innovate faster and more efficiently than ever before. With the adoption of cloud services and shifts toward new technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, containers, edge computing, and even 5G, organizations have all the advantages to not just be on the cutting edge but also to define it. We have seen many organizations double down on this tech, becoming completely hybridized - with a blend of old and new technology spread across multiple clouds and physical locations to fit their customers' needs with expediency and great success.  

The driving force behind this accelerated change is backed by an intelligent utilization and understanding of a company's lifeblood: their data. But businesses can find themselves impeded, even with all the best tech and intentions, if they have not defined and delivered an appropriate strategy regarding the proper handling and understanding of their data. Without an efficient process for data management, the adoption of new technology and multiple clouds becomes not only more work but a detriment to your business.   

With data growth speeding up and an increase of regulations on the horizon, companies must quickly come to grips with their data or face the consequences. In the latest Multicloud Data Management Strategy report from IDC, deep insights are laid out to paint a clearer picture of both the risks and rewards that reside in your organization's data. IDC states, "Over 60% of the new data created in 2023 will require some level of protection, but only half of it will be protected." If a disaster should happen and part of the remaining 30% were lost, it could be catastrophic for the business responsible and its clients. The report also states, "102.6ZB of new data in 2023 – 3 times the size in 2018 at 32.6ZB." With all of that data in the world, losing up to 30% could be devastating.  

The report also highlights how modern businesses are finding great success and provides direction alongside trends on how to succeed despite the mounting changes that come with digital transformation. The report shows that over 50% of businesses will be in some state of multi or hybrid cloud infrastructure in the next two years. Businesses are finding with hybrid and multicloud adoption business agility, time to market, and innovation come faster than ever. 

With this change comes new challenges and new possibilities to solve problems and serve customers faster than ever. IDC states: "The demands of gathering, protecting, and leveraging a deluge of data whether in central cloud environments, or at edge locations, will be a leading challenge for all IT organizations across all industries. Those who effectively control the use and flow of data across all their edge locations through the adoption of a cloud data management platform will gain the upper hand." Maintaining an intelligent data management strategy is key, and it's all possible with Veritas. 

Veritas has helped businesses reap the rewards and eliminate the risks associated with digital transformation and data management for the last 30 years. Protecting that final 30% of often missed data in hybrid and or multicloud models shouldn't be a statistic. Make it a reality in your organization today.   

In the report, you will find valuable insights from IDC's research to better understand the full spectrum of what businesses have prepared for and gone through with their experiences in digital transformation. This information can help you layout solutions for data management in your organization and prepare for challenges across the enterprise today and tomorrow's unknowns.

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