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Nutanix and Veritas extend their Technology Partnership

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As enterprises look for ways to accelerate their digital transformations, hyper-converged infrastructure has proved a popular choice for simplifying on-premises IT infrastructure and optimising asset utilisation.  As the industry leader in this space, many enterprises have turned to Nutanix to help them spend less time worrying about their infrastructure and more time on the applications and services that power the business.

But regardless of the underlying infrastructure - and whether on-premises or in the cloud - data remains any enterprise’s most critical asset.  And if that data is lost, the impact can be catastrophic.

So, the newly-extended partnership between Nutanix and Veritas is welcome news to many of our joint customers, because it means that they can bring all the data protection power and flexibility of NetBackup to bear on their workloads hosted on the Nutanix native Acropolis hypervisor (AHV).  Up until now, it has been possible to perform in-guest backups, or VM-based backups when using VMware on Nutanix infrastructure, but VM-based backups have not been possible with AHV.

NetBackup 8.1 now integrates tightly with AHV, using the new NetBackup Parallel Streaming capability, enabling enterprises to take efficient, VM-based backups of all data hosted in the AHV environment.  And customers can then take advantage of the rich functionality that comes with NetBackup, including deduplication, both locally and to the cloud via the new Cloud Catalyst gateway.

Veritas and Nutanix have also jointly certified Veritas’ new CloudPoint snapshot management solution for AHV, providing enterprises with a simple interface for managing the creation, retention and deletion of AHV snapshots.

This is just the start of Veritas’ partnership with Nutanix.  In time, we plan to bring many more of our 360 Data Management capabilities to the Nutanix platform, so that our joint customers can benefit from best-in-class data management and on their best-in-class hyper-converged Infrastructure platform.