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Part two: Let’s strategize—take advantage of the value delivered by your cloud service provider

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Little is worse than paying top dollar for a service and not getting what you expected. In the world of cloud computing and storage, many times, this expectation gap isn’t the result of the service provider failing the customer, but rather the customer not understanding the full agreement before diving into a decision.   

Cloud adoption has been a tremendous boon for the technical industry, allowing experimentation, rapid growth, and opportunity for up-and-comers to disrupt the old standards of business. There are more choices for hosted providers and options to fit to your business, so it comes as no surprise the cloud has become a hundred-billion-dollar industry. 

Is what you see what you get? 

In truth, cloud providers will give you precisely what they promise when you sign their agreements—a place to build infrastructure, host workloads, and drive applications, included with the cost of entry. What isn’t included is granular data orchestration, a plan for cloud downtime or support in meeting regulatory standard requirements—the things most organizations were doing back when they were operating in the on-premises model. Really, many of us have assumed the cloud would do more for us than providers ever agreed to. 

What can cloud adopters do? 

In our previous post, we talked about research by Cascade Insights highlighting misconceptions about the cloud by adopters. Now, we’d like to shine a light on the future and where we can go from here with additional insight into the Truth in Cloud Report. 

We asked 1,645 cloud architects and administrators the essential criteria driving their selection of a backup solution for the cloud. The top three requested features were scalability, trusted/reputation of reliability, and a robust set of APIs for customization. 

Figure 4 from Truth in Cloud reportFigure 4 from Truth in Cloud reportAnd what about the cost? 

Additionally, we discovered many cloud architects and administrators expect their IT budgets to increase by up to 15 percent when it comes to their backup strategies for the cloud in 2020. We believe this increase is directly correlated to the realization of the benefits of partnering with a reliable vendor capable of supporting the protection of increasing cloud assets as well as hybrid and traditional workloads.  

Figure 6 from Truth in Cloud reportFigure 6 from Truth in Cloud reportThe future calls for customization and scalability 

Although many IT professionals know what they need today, tomorrow remains uncertain. They’re seeking a platform approach to data protection capable of ready customization and scalability to address potential protection pitfalls throughout this evolutionary phase of IT. 

At Veritas, we take on the requirements of the modern administrator with the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP)—capable of solving for the needs of today and tomorrow on a platform supported by a robust collection of solutions. Vertias engineers those solutions to guarantee high availability, reliable protection, and valuable insight into all levels of the IT system—from applications to infrastructure to data. 

You can learn more about the Veritas EDSP on our Cloud Solutions webpage and access the complete 2019 Truth in Cloud Report there. I also invite you to check out our on-demand webcast, where we’ll share more on this topic and others, revealing the “truth in cloud” data management today. There are two additional blog posts about the Truth in Cloud report that you should read, if you have not already: