Sharing insight into Veritas’ compelling culture with Business Times

When you lead a globally diverse engineering team, travel is a fact of life. I love it. Veritas’ success depends on all the smart, hardworking people who bring their unique experiences and backgrounds to work with them every day, and I get the opportunity to see that in action when I visit the extended team.

I also get to see first-hand the impact of Veritas’ reach and influence around the world when I travel—we are present in 35 countries with products in 98 percent of Global Fortune 100 organizations. That’s an amazing accomplishment made possible by our enthusiastic, talented people and our company culture, which encourages and thrives on that global diversity of experience, thought, and know-how.

The Veritas brand and culture are our passion

I had the pleasure of seeing that company ethos on display during a recent trip to China for a regional sales kick-off; our sales teams are fired up about our Enterprise Data Services Strategy and I loved seeing my own passion for Veritas run so deep in others! That’s very much who we are as a company and I was pleased to have the opportunity during my visit to sit down with Business Times to share my perspective on our people-oriented culture and approach to professional growth.

I explained we build teams that work together at Veritas, because collaboration is everything. It’s what makes us tick, and the company’s development is inseparable from the growth of our people—like the diversity of thought and experience that we embrace, individual growth improves the value of our output as a company and enriches the employee experience.  

Highlighting #WomenInTech at Veritas

I’m also delighted to be a part of an organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting the voices of women in technology. I was honored to play a role in building the Future Women in Leadership program at Veritas, which empowers our female technical talent, encouraging personal growth and professional development for women through challenging technical assignments; the program supported by leaders across the company who mentored participants identified for their drive and potential.

I shared with Business Times that Veritas leadership always encourages female leaders to take on new opportunities and provides guidance to colleagues when possible. The Future Women in Leadership program showcases Veritas’ standards for inclusion and mentorship, which are also demonstrated by the fact that we have four female senior vice presidents helping to lead the company.  

Our success is multifaceted

Veritas’ success goes beyond our best-in-class data solutions and dedication to developing next-generation technologies. It’s also deeply rooted in our resolve to develop our employees and our culture. I’m proud of the fact that Veritas’ solutions play such a meaningful role in managing and protecting some of the world’s most powerful data, and proud of Veritas’ commitment to the employees who are responsible for making that happen.

Below, please see image highlights from a 2019 Women at Veritas Empowered session out of our Santa Clara headquarters.

1.JPGSeated alongside my colleagues invested in leading WAVE, I am speaking with attendees to our session on workplace best practices.


2.jpgAttendees to the WAVE session listen to speakers while enjoying lunch.


3.jpgCheering for colleagues' accomplishments and providing support for one another is a meaningful part of WAVE.


4.jpgSession attendees enjoy lunch and the opportunity to connect.