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As a parent of a young child, one is often invited to peg the details in the mundane. Walking the streets of Seattle with my son, I’m made aware of the otherwise lost elements that make up the city’s architecture, infrastructure, and people. From his perspective, few things are ordinary. From the rugged hubs of the streetlamps fastening each to the grid, to the careful process by our city's maintenance teams to reline the midlines of the streets—we realize together, the care of a city is complex. 

Your business is not so different from a city. Like a city, a business is comprised of numerous interdependent parts and people, and modern, multifaceted IT environments help drive the whole.    

There is often value in IT complexity. In many IT systems, the increase in complexity can be attributed to a purposefully crafted data management strategy—a dynamic solution addressing enterprise data management requirements in the most effective, efficient way.

Realizing the value in complexity 

Today, IT leaders have access to an abundance of products providing thoughtfully designed features and supporting integrations, offered by a range of reliable vendors delivering all of the above with greater attention to hardware and software interoperability than ever before.

More and more, we are positioned to manage and protect complex data and infrastructure in the cloud in unique, intelligent ways. And while cloud solutions may be necessarily complex to address the interests of the business, it doesn't have to feel that way. 

With attention to the evolution and interplay of the three leading data management pillars—Availability, Protection, and Insights—your business can thrive in complexity.

Protection—data is the foundation of your organization, driving the experiences you deliver inside and outside the business, from end to end. Not only does data help to tell the story of who you are and what you do, but it is in part of what differentiatesyou from your competitors. Without data your business cannot thrive—it is one of the most critical assets in a modern organization.  

Availability—predictable, reliableaccess to your organization’s data and supporting infrastructure can mean the difference flying or floundering in today’s data-driven markets. Success requires always-available mission-critical applications, with minimal interruptions and fast failover to your cloud or data center.   

Insights—with awareness and understanding of your organization’s data and supporting infrastructure, you are in control; insights allow your business to make intelligent decisions in pursuit of compliance and optimization guided by infrastructural processes and outcomes.  

The three pillars work together and help your business prosper, but like the workings of a city, they must be maintained and optimized. This is where the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform comes in. On the Enterprise Data Services Platform, your organization can harness complexity and maximize its potential across physical, virtual, and cloud—knowing data is intact, regulated, and resilient, no matter where it resides.   

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Interested in learning more? Venture here for additional information on the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform, including guidance to help you take on the hybrid and multi-cloud with confidence.