Taking on “tech intensity” in partnership with Microsoft

Harish Venkat for Nasdaq.jpgIn this Nasdaq Spotlight, I had the opportunity to speak with Nasdaq Global Head of Social Media, Anna Gonzales, on Veritas’ partnership with Microsoft and the concept of “tech intensity” as highlighted in the MS Ignite keynote address of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.

In his keynote address for Microsoft's 2018 Ignite conference, CEO Satya Nadella inspired attendees with his concept of “tech intensity,” explaining businesses “need to make sure that we’re adopting the latest and greatest technology,” and “build our own digital capability,” regardless of industry.

And with his description of companies acting as technological pioneers – those demonstrating the advantages of harnessing “tech intensity” – he invited the audience to realize their place in our shared, data-driven future. I later spoke to this exciting potential with Anna Gonzalez of Nasdaq in a Nasdaq Spotlight.

Nadella closed highlighting the constancy of computing and the resulting proliferation of data – this is where Veritas Technologies’ partnership with Microsoft comes to the fore.

Taking on "tech intensity” in partnership with Microsoft
Data is dynamic, and organizations that understand and intelligently valuate their data will ultimately benefit in a reduced draw on financial and technical resources as their businesses evolve. They will thrive in “data intensity,” or the ever-growing collections of data now available.

At Veritas, we clarify “data intensity,” providing solutions to organizations so their IT leaders can easily assess and classify data, and identify the best approach to storage and protection. We’re developing smart product experiences to improve users’ ability to visualize and interact with data, because in a world where Moore’s Law is a reality, truly understanding your organization’s data is a necessity.

Together with Microsoft, we offer organizations a partner in digital transformation, acting as a steward to those seeking to identify and leverage the dynamism of their data through a suite of seamlessly united data management solutions, including offerings integrated with Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, and Office 365.

Veritas and Microsoft: strategic partners
At the close of this year’s conference, I had the opportunity to speak with Jurgen Willis, Senior Director of Microsoft Azure, to discuss how our companies align to help customers take on “tech intensity” to be a meaningful part of tomorrow’s technological innovations.

Jurgen perhaps captured our shared customer effort best, saying, “Leveraging the cloud allows customers to immediately take advantage of new capabilities, new hardware, that we light up; that’s a compute statement, but that’s also a storage statement.”

Watch the video of my discussion with Jurgen below, and join me in the VOX Community, and on LinkedIn and Twitter, for updates on Veritas Technologies and our shared, data-driven future.